Jimmy Fallon Has Picked His First ‘Tonight Show’ Musical Guest

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01.20.14 8 Comments

Jimmy Fallon will take over as the host of The Tonight Show in less than a month, on February 17th, and he’s already nabbed his first musical guest, U2. The booking makes sense — U2 has an album coming out and is supposedly debuting a new song during the Super Bowl, so be sure to look forward to all your favorite old sportswriter’s “U2 is the best” tweets, and artists like Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen are already such a part of Fallon’s Late Night pedigree that they wouldn’t “feel special enough,” to quote an NBC spokesperson, probably.

U2 looks positively hip compared to Jay Leno’s final musical guest: Garth Brooks. Was Chris Gaines not available?

Banner via Getty Image, via Billboard

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