Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Imagined Kanye Into HBO’s New Sci-Fi Show ‘Westworld’

The new HBO sci-fi show Westworld which premieres Sunday, Oct. 2, takes place at a sadistic futuristic theme park run by a deranged “doctor” (played by Anthony Hopkins, naturally), where wealthy guests are able to live out their (not beautiful) dark, twisted sick fantasies — shooting, torturing and committing other senseless acts of violence toward human-like robots. As the name of the show implies, there’s some heavy inspiration drawn from the lawless days of the Wild West.

Naturally, this over-the-top premise, centered around a madman who has essentially created his own world, lends itself to plenty of spoofing opportunities, so Jimmy Kimmel seized that opportunity on Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the above clip, you’ll notice that the host incorporated none other than musical mad scientist Kanye West in a new mashup trailer for another (imaginary) show, Kanye Westworld.

Featuring clips of previously recorded emotional outbursts from the artist, the Kimmel version is still terrifying and dystopian, and Kanye’s heated statements somehow flow seamlessly into the drama, contrasting sharply with the cold creepiness of Hopkins’ character.

Spoiler alert: The line, “I’m a machine. I’m a robot. You cannot offend a robot,” is not a work of fiction crafted by the show’s writers, but something that Yeezy has actually stated. Watch it above.