Joe Budden Apologizes To Logic After Saying ‘He Should Have Retired A Long Time Ago’

While retirement is a great time for the retiree to reflect on their career and the future prospects ahead, sometimes it also provides a similar opportunity for other to the same. Joe Budden recently reevaluated his reaction to Logic’s announced retirement from rap and apparently realized that his past criticisms of the younger rapper were a little too harsh. The former Slaughterhouse member took some time out of the latest episode of his podcast to apologize for calling Logic “the worst rapper ever.”

“I’m sorry man,” he said. He blamed his reaction on his own insecurity (which most observers could have guessed from how he treats basically every younger rapper who has ever sold more records than him). “Last week, I came in here feeling pretty tumultuous. Fresh out of Twitter jail, unable to properly read the room. And just hating myself and life, honestly. Unfortunately, I projected some of that onto you, Lodge. And for that, I want to apologize.”

He continued by acknowledging his wrongdoing and even deprecated himself a bit. “That was wrong of me,” he said. “I should be able to think that you aren’t the best rapper in the world but celebrate your retirement. Because that is a time when somebody should be happy and look back on their career and get sh*t off and be with their fans. Nobody wants to hear from this old grumpy f*ck saying, ‘F*ck you.’ Especially after that guy was allowed to retire peacefully. I felt bad.”

Logic himself acknowledged that it was comments like Budden’s “worst rapper” jibe that caused him to decide to retire. Of course, he’ll have a soft landing — he was recently signed to an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch worth upward of $1 million.