Joey Badass Claims He Once Faked An Injury To Get Off Tour With Logic

You may remember that back in 2017, Joey Badass went viral for allegedly staring into a solar eclipse, incurring an eye injury that forced him to wear special eyewear and had to cancel his tour with Logic. And while he made light of the situation after the fact, fans couldn’t help but speculate about whether he’d really done it or was just finding an excuse to skive off the remainder of the Everybody Tour.

Well, those fans finally (belatedly) got their answer from Joey himself, who’s currently preparing to drop his third studio album 2000 this Friday. After a fan brought up the incident in response to his observation on Lizzo’s recent decision to re-release her new single “Grrrls” due to a disability advocate’s gentle admonishment over an inadvertent ableist slur in the lyrics, Joey admitted(?) that he faked the injury just to get off the tour.

“Speaking of solar eclipses, you know I never got any type of eye damage from that solar eclipse shit that ‘happened,'” he tweeted. “I just really wanted an excuse to be off the Logic tour. Blogs literally created a story and I went with it because it was convenient for me at the time. But it was also funny to see how gullible people are. It taught me a valuable lesson, whatever the media puts out in unison, people will simply believe. Even if the source isn’t validated. Scary world.”

He took care to point out that “logic is my n****,” though, avoiding any more Logic beef speculation. “The tour just wasn’t serving me well at the time,” he explained.”

Now, could this be a lie to cover up an embarrassing faux pas from his wild younger days too? Possibly. But you know what they say in Texas: “Fool me once…”

Anyway, Joey’s new album is due on 6/17 via Columbia Records.