Joey Badass Says He Is Now ‘Legally Blind’ To The ‘Bullsh*t’

It looks like Joey Badass is officially fed up with the rumors and jokes circulating online after a series of tweets about looking directly into the solar eclipse on Monday. Taking to his Twitter, the rambunctious Brooklyn fire-starter addressed the speculation that his ill-advised stunt had somehow affected his vision and led to tour date cancellations.

Still wearing the sunglasses he claims he was prescribed to wear by a doctor, he teases at a revelation a couple of times over the course of the video. “Yes it’s true,” he begins, “I can now see the future.” He follows up that crack with another: “I am now legally blind — to the bullsh*t,” he says, whipping off the polarized shades to reveal… yet another pair of mirrored sunglasses underneath.

While there is still no word on those canceled tour dates, or whether or not they had anything to do with his sun-gazing routine on Monday, it’s clear he’s not too worried about his eyesight — or lack thereof — for the time being. Perhaps more information will be forthcoming, but Joey’s good humor tends to be more reassuring that his vision is more likely to return than not — if it was ever gone to begin with. In either case, most rappers perform with shades on anyway, so Joey ought to be back to tearing down stages in no time.