Joey Badass’ Eclipse Tweets Led To Funny Speculation About His Subsequent Tour Cancelations

Joey Badass has been known as a thoughtful artist who goes against the grain and is respectful of the past — but we’re hoping that didn’t work against him in a major way recently. Amidst all the hubbub about Monday’s solar eclipse, Joey thought to deliver an early morning reminder that our ancestors weren’t equipped with modern eye wear and other technologically advanced means to view the obstructed sun.

What he said is technically true, but sounds like when your parents told you, “we didn’t have the internet” while you’re half-ignoring them and Googling. Hopefully someone in Joey’s camp got the memo to him, or he was just tweeting to tweet, because as one Twitter user noted, his tweet yesterday morning draws a glaring correlation.

Joey cryptically canceled the next three stops of his Everybody tour due to “unforeseen” circumstances, which we really hope isn’t about him dubbing “fancy” eye wear and facing the consequences.

We totally get his sentiment. There are plenty of reasons to be annoyed at capitalistic intrusion into every major event on the calendar, but perhaps more than any other festive trinket, we needed those glasses if we were going to be looking up at the sun. Chances are the tour cancellations are completely unrelated, and we hope everything is all good, but the timing of the two tweets makes for a pretty funny spot.