It Looks Like Joey Badass Actually Did Stare At The Eclipse And Now Has To Wear Special Sunglasses

Heading into the once in several decade astronomical event we all witnessed earlier this week where the moon blotted the sun out of the sky, nearly every scientist, parent, and local news anchor tried to impart the same, seemingly obvious piece of advice: “Don’t stare directly at it with the naked eye.”

Most people heeded this advice, either by averting their gaze or watching the eclipse through a specially designed pair of glasses. Others, like the President of the United States and apparently, New York rapper Joey Badass, didn’t. And while Trump seems to have come out of the eclipse with corneas intact, the same couldn’t be said for Joey.

Just prior to the eclipse, Badass mocked scientific convention on Twitter when he asked if it was really necessary to wear protection while looking at the sun, and if it was so bad, how come our ancestors made it out of previous events with vision intact.

Shortly after he asked these questions, Joey took to Twitter once again where he announced that due to unforeseen circumstances he’d was being forced to cancel a series of upcoming concerts, which fans immediately connected to him following through with his threat to look at the sun.

Now, today, the sun-staring plot thickened even more when Joey posted up a photo to Instagram donning a pair glasses he said had been prescribed by a doctor. “A lil annoying but they’re pretty fire,” he wrote.

So, what do you think, did Joey Badass actually stare at the sun or is he just pulling our chain? Let us know in the comments section below.