Jon Hopkins Shares The Post-Apocalyptic But Hopeful ‘Feel First Life’ Video

Jon Hopkins released his new album Singularity this year, and so far, it has a good track record of yielding some impressive visuals so far. Maybe it’s the lack of vocals that allow his songs to be open to all sorts of visual interpretations or accompaniments. Whatever the case, he shared a striking clip for the album’s title track last month, and now he’s back with another video, this time depicting some sort of post-extinction event world in his new “Feel First Life” video.

In the video, directed by Elliot Dear, there’s a lot of smoke and fire before we’re presented with a world left in ruins. The shot follows a giant seed, navigating the barren landscape like a tumbleweed until it finds a spacesuit to inhabit and bring to life, at which point it continues to explore the new life-devoid world. The end of the video reveals, however, that perhaps the planet might not stay lifeless for long.

Hopkins previously told Uproxx that he intended to have visual continuity between his previous album, Immunity, and Singularity:

“I kind of see the arc of all five of my albums telling a continuing story. Obviously that makes more sense to me, because they tie in directly to my own experiences and my own kind of evolution, but I think each one to me is very much the next part of the story, whatever the story may be, and it’s nice to have some sort of shared visual aesthetic along the way.”

Watch the video for “Feel First Life” above, and read our interview with Hopkins here.

Singularity is out now via Domino. Get it here.