The Sweet Sound Of Detroit’s Most Passionate Percussionist Is A Must-Hear

Let me set the scene. You’re at your 2-year-old nephew’s birthday party. And he gets a cool (and colorful) xylophone that you decide to pound a few times in between the pizza and cake. That little tune you just hammered out? Light years worse than this masterpiece from percussionist Joshua Jones above.

This original piece from Jones, “Forever the Drummer,” is the pinnacle of 20 years of hard work and dedication to a craft. Just a taste of what a talented — and self-described “obsessive” — individual can do when presented with a $5,000 glockenspiel at the home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Have a listen and if you like what you hear, check out Jones’ incredible story on the Uproxx original series, Uncharted, where you can track his rise from Detroit Symphony Orchestra intern — to world-class percussionist.

You can also visit Jones’ website to hear more original tracks like this one.