Jpegmafia Embraces Independence On His Latest Song, ‘Living Single’

Throughout his career, Jpegmafia has been prone to releasing non-album singles between projects. He has taken that to another level in 2020, though, as the rapper has shared seven loose songs this year: “Bald!,” “Covered In Money!,” “Bodyguard!,” “Cutie Pie!,” “The Bends!,” “Rough 7,” and now his latest, “Living Single.”

On the track, Jpegmafia discusses how he doesn’t involve himself with the gang imagery found in some hip-hop: “All these n**** screamin’, ‘Gang,’ scared to get jumpin’ / N**** them pistols on yo ‘Gram s’posed to be tucked in / Chill, watch and observe, Peggy don’t say nothin’ / Let ’em stay frontin’.” He also discusses his independence and passion for music, with lines like, “Check my BMI, lil’ b*tch, I am the sole owner / I need royalties, not loyalties, to fill my quota,” and, “Dark skinned and givin’ out work, I feel like Kelly Rowland / I don’t need no therapy, beats give me consolin’.”

Like Jpegmafia’s recent videos, the one for “Living Single” is self-directed. The clip mostly features the rapper vibing along with the song in nighttime environments, lit joint in hand.

Jpegmafia was also a guest on a recent episode of People’s Party, on which he posited that rap fans don’t appreciate producers as much as they should.

Watch the “Living Single” video above.