Juicy J And DJ Paul Reportedly Claim Suicideboys Stole Samples And Sue Them For $6.4 Million

Juicy J and DJ Paul have reportedly hit Suicideboys members Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim with a copyright infringement lawsuit over their alleged use of uncleared Three 6 Mafia samples.

According to XXL, Juicy and Paul originally filed the copyright infringement lawsuit back in late June against Cherry and Scrim for “illegally sampling and stealing” from 35 songs belonging to Three 6. The lawsuit claims Cherry and Scrim used the unauthorized samples in order to “trade off and profit from Three 6 Mafia’s original sound and hard-earned success in the hip-hop industry.” The lawsuit documents references the Suicideboys tracks “Mask And Da Glock,” “Smoked Out, Loced Out,” and “BreakDaLaw2K16,” all of which feature nearly identical instrumentals to Three 6 songs.

Juicy J and DJ Paul are seeking $1.2 million from the case for “compensatory and actual damages, including [d]efendants’ profits from infringement, in an amount in excess of $1,200,000” as well as $5.25 million for other damages. Suicdeboys don’t deny they used Three 6 instrumentals in their music, but they do state Juicy J gave them “verbal” permission to use the tracks in exchange for production work on Juicy’s Highly Intoxicated and Shutdaf*ckup mixtapes, which they allege the rapper never compensated them for.

Ahead of the lawsuit’s report, Juicy J sat down with Uproxx and discussed the possibility of Three 6 making a comeback: “I always felt like Three 6 Mafia could make a comeback. But it always had me kind of nervous and scared to even do that. Because we’ve done so much in music that I didn’t want it to be like, ‘Aw, they’re not good enough.’ Or ‘Aw, they got old.’ Or they’re not creative like they used to be or things ain’t the way they were. We never really went down that road to bring the group back.”