Juicy J Wants To Go Head-To-Head ‘Verzuz’ Nas In The Next Battle Of Hip-Hop Hits

After the roaring success of the latest episode of Verzuz with DMX and Snoop Dogg, the popular hit battle series show runners asked for suggestions on the next matchup on Twitter, getting a number of intriguing pairings in response. With the show’s popularity soaring, even some of hip-hop’s most legendary figures got involved, pitching their own dream matchups. The one that stood out most to fans, though, was Juicy J‘s. The Memphis crunk rap pioneer replied to Timbaland’s question with one of the more odd couple pairings yet: Juicy himself versus erstwhile New York crown holder Nas.

The tweet inevitably drew a massive response, garnering well over 3,000 retweets in less than a day, with fans already debating which of the two has the most material to bring to the table. While New Yorkers liked Nas’ chances, deriding Juicy’s more simplistic lyrics, others were quick to point out that not only does Juicy have just as many charting hits as Nas, he’s a regional treasure in the South and is even a Academy Award winner for the 2006 song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” from the film Hustle & Flow, which highlights a greater extension of his catalog with respect to his group work as a member of Three-6-Mafia.

Naturally, hip-hop fans are divided, which might just be what makes these hits “battles” seem so much fun — they are less about who wins and more about celebrating the rich and diverse tapestry of hip-hop history. This was especially highlighted during the “Battle of the Dogs” a week ago, when despite Snoop’s obvious hits advantage, the true draw was watching two legends pay homage to one another and enjoy themselves like a pair of drunk uncles at a family reunion. So, yeah, set it up. Nas vs. Juicy J is exactly the cultural exchange project needed to bring the hip-hop family that much closer together.

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