Justin Bieber Joined Daniel Caesar For A Performance Of ‘Peaches’ At Coachella 2022

Daniel Caesar undertook quite a difficult task for this year’s Coachella — he performed right before Harry Styles took the stage. Now, Caesar is a very gifted artist in his own right, an incredibly poised performer, and definitely deserves a late set time at music’s most Insta-famous festival, but even given all that, preceding Harry is no mean feat. His fans are ultra passionate and he recently released a brand new single, “As It Was,” that listeners were keed up to hear live for the first time. With an upcoming album, Harry’s House, looming, and the fact that Kanye dropped out last minute, Harry’s set at the fest is a huge deal.


But, given his talents, it’s also unsurprising that Caesar pulled off the set with aplomb. And to get fans hype for the rest of the night, he even brought out a huge pop star of his own, none other than Justin Bieber. Of course, these two connected on the hit single, “Peaches,” off Justin’s last album, Justice, also accompanied by Giveon, and went all the way to No. 1 with the song. So it only makes sense that Caesar would be thrilled to incorporate it into his set at the festival. Check out some clips of Justin’s appearance up top.