Justin Timberlake Says ‘Man Of The Woods’ Is Named After His Son And Isn’t A Country Album

From the moment Justin Timberlake announced that his new album (which comes out tomorrow) is called Man Of The Woods, jokes were made and laughs were shared, more of which came once the outdoorsy tracklist was revealed. In a video Timberlake shared on Twitter and Instagram, though, he’s trying to put the jokes to rest by revealing the inspiration behind the album title: His son.

“The album is named after the my son, OK? His name means ‘of the woods,’ so stop telling me I’m making a country album,” Timberlake says in the clip that shows him getting a haircut on his birthday.

Timberlake’s son’s name is Silas, and as SheKnows.com notes, the name can mean either “woods,” “forest,” or “of the forest.” So, it seems like Man Of The Woods is a real family affair, since his wife Jessica Biel is quite possibly featured on the record. It also seems that this truly isn’t a country album, although JT, who was born in Memphis, has been sending mixed signals with track titles like “Flannel” and a song featuring Chris Stapleton. That said, songs like the overtly pop “Filthy” pretty quickly debunk the “Timberlake goes country” theory, and we’ll be able to put this conversation definitively to rest after Man Of The Woods is released tomorrow.