Kacey Musgraves Issued A Meme Challenge For Her Grammys Reaction And The Internet Delivered


The Grammys just happened a few days ago, and this year’s ceremony featured a few upsets. Probably the most notable among them was Kacey Musgraves’ big win for Album Of The Year. That’s not to say that she didn’t deserve the honor, but it wasn’t the most expected pick, especially since she was competing against a handful of other strong, culture-defining 2018 albums.

It doesn’t seem like Musgraves herself would disagree with that take: When it was announced that Golden Hour was the Album Of The Year, she offered a visibly surprised reaction, holding her hands up in confusion and repeating, “What?!” Musgraves is still enjoying the moment: Last night, she shared a screenshot that shows her making a funny face, with her mouth open and one eye closed more than the other, captioned, “Let the memes begin.” Whether or not she knew it, she issued a meme challenge, and Twitter users brought the goods.

That tweet spawned a plethora of hilarious responses; My personal favorite among them is probably this Harry Potter-referencing one:

There are a lot more beyond that, though, so check out some more of the best Musgraves memes below. She also released a new video for “Rainbow” the same night as the Grammys, so watch that here.