Kanye And Kim Kardashian Got A Warning From The Wyoming Government Over Chasing Antelopes On Their ATVs

It seems like power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can’t stop running afoul of local authorities. Just last month they were warned by the LA County Department Of Public Works over Kanye’s experimental dome houses. Those have since been torn down, but now the couple is in hot water with the Wyoming Game & Fish authorities over a video they posted to social media showing them scaring a herd of antelope while riding ATVs.

TMZ reports that the Wyoming Game & Fish Department visited the couple’s ranch, which they recently purchased after Kanye recorded last summer’s slew of GOOD Music projects at a similar ranch, to issue a warning about animal harassment, which state laws prohibit. In the video, Kanye and Kim come across the pronghorn herd while riding their all-terrain vehicles and Kim can be heard admonishing Kanye for scaring the animals. Apparently, the video prompted some angry calls from locals to the authorities, who stopped by to make the rules clear but did not issue any formal complaints.

According to TMZ, the fine for animal harassment is $435, which is less than pocket change to Kanye, who recently topped Forbes’ 2019 list of the highest-earning stars in hip-hop, surpassing his “big brother” Jay-Z for the first time in their shared history. The asking price for ranch itself was reportedly around $14 million and while the family didn’t pay full price, they definitely have more than enough money to go around.