Kanye West Reportedly Missed An Important Financial Deadline For His Presidential Campaign

Despite facing some recent struggles in his campaign, Kanye West is pushing full steam ahead in his attempt to run for president. The rapper recently celebrated his appearance on a number of ballots in states across the country including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, and Tennessee. While that may have been a good sign for Kanye, the rapper has reportedly missed an important financial deadline for his presidential run according to TMZ, one that points to trouble for his campaign’s already slim chances.

The report reveals that Kanye missed an FEC deadline, which was August 20, to file a financial report for when he raises or spends $100,000 on his campaign. Filing this report is required by the FEC, so Kanye not doing so it means one of two things: he missed the filing deadline or he failed to raise or spend $100,000 on his campaign. Neither are good news for his presidential run.

The news comes after Wisconsin banned Kanye from appearing on the presidential ballots after The Wisconsin Elections Commission, a bipartisan panel consisting of three Democrats and three Republicans, voted 5-1 to ban the Chicago rapper from the ballot due to late qualifying paperwork. Prior to that, a poll from Politico/Morning Consult revealed Kanye was polling very poorly among Black voters, gaining only 2% of their vote for his presidential run.

(via TMZ)