Kanye West Needs To Find A New Bank After JP Morgan Allegedly Closed His Accounts

The fallout from Kanye West’s antisemitic social media comments continues to affect him. After having his Instagram and Twitter accounts suspended for spreading conspiracy theories about Jewish people and threatening to go “Death Con 3” on them (which is still bewildering, not just because of malaprop for “Defcon,” aka defensive readiness condition, but also because how could anyone think that this would be an okay thing to type in the first place?). Now, though, he’s apparently lost a much more vital account, in the grand scheme of things: His bank account.

According to a tweet from Kanye’s apparent new confidant/press secretary Candace Owens, Kanye was sent a letter from JP Morgan advising him to transfer to another financial institution, as the bank will be closing his accounts and mailing him a check for the balance. He’s supposedly got until the end of November to clean house, and according to Owens, no reason was given for the account closure — but I think we all know why. Of course, it’s Candace Owens telling us all this, so take the news with a hefty grain of salt — she’s not exactly known for her honesty and forthrightness, y’know?

For example, she just released a — let’s very loosely call this thing a “documentary” with a heavy side of eye-roll — called The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd And The Rise Of BLM (oy, that title). Kanye attended the premiere, where he reunited with Ray J, of all people. To be a fly on that wall…