Actual TMZ Headline: ‘Kanye West Watched Kim K Sex Tape While Banging Other Chicks’

09.11.12 3 Comments

Look, I’m not here to hate on watching porn during sex. I’ve done it. I’m sure some of you reading this have. But who would want to have sex watching the Kardashian/Ray J sex tape? That’s like the worst porn — if it can even be called that — ever. EVER. There’s little to nothing sexy about it, and I felt that way before Kim Kardashian became reprehensible in my eyes.

Secondly, how could anyone watch Kim Kardashian have sex and then want to date her? As anyone who’s ever watched that sex tape knows, she’s a HORRIBLE lay. I know cold fruit pies that can pleasure a penis better than she does. Dude, Kanye, what the hell is wrong with you?

With that out of the way, this TMZ “exclusive” is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

Before Kanye West was nailin’ Kim Kardashian … he used to nail other chicks while watching Ray J nail Kim Kardashian.

Multiple sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation tell us … Kanye used the Kim K sex tape in the bedroom to get him in the mood … and it always worked.

I’m sorry, but if I had to watch Kim Kardashian sexing in order to get a boner, I’d just give up on ever getting a boner ever again.

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