Kanye West And XXXTentacion’s NSFW ‘One Minute’ Video Is Full Of Raunchy, Animated Weirdness

Both Kanye West and XXXTentacion are controversial rappers, Kanye for his political views (from which he’s since distanced himself) and XXXTentacion for his history of domestic violence. It would make sense, then, that “One Minute,” their collaboration on XXXTentacion’s just-released posthumous album Skins, would start some conversations. And it did, as Kanye defends the late rapper on the song. Now that the album is out, a video for “One Minute” has been shared, and to say the least, it’s an attention-grabbing clip.

It’s also not one you should watch at work, and one that re-affirms Kanye’s Rick And Morty fandom: The video is animated in an Adult Swim style, which makes sense as it was created by JJ Villard, the co-creator of Adult Swim’s King Star King. The video for the aggressive rock-leaning track has a lot of gore and nudity, and there are a ton of trippy things going on, many of which aren’t appropriate to be described in this space. Some of the things and scenarios featured in the video include a curvaceous and scantily clad woman with a cheeseburger head, faces being torn off, a demon biting people’s heads off in front of an arena audience, and other things of a similar nature.

Watch the video for “One Minute” above.

Skins is out now via Bad Vibes Forever/Empire. Pre-order it here.