Kehlani Reveals The Title And Release Date Of Her New Album

Ever since the release of Kehlani’s debut album SweetSexySavage in 2017, anticipation has been high for a follow-up. However, the Bay Area singer chose to complete her next project at her own pace rather than rush out something just to capitalize on her buzz. While she did share the While We Wait EP in 2019, she also stayed relatively low-key — aside from a handful of singles including “All Me,” “Toxic,” and “Everybody’s Business” — as she worked on her upcoming full-length. Today, though, she revealed just how far along the new album is: It’s done, and it’s coming out in just two weeks.

The singer revealed the album’s title, release date, and cheeky cover artwork all at once on her social channels. It’s called It Was Good Until It Wasn’t and it drops Friday, May 8. The cover art features an unconventional shot of the artist standing on an overturned wicker chair and leaning over a brick wall away from the viewer while holding trickling water hose. It gives the impression that she’s spying on her neighbor’s yard while neglecting her own lawn-watering duties, which may be a hint of the album’s content — or just a clever, oblique reference to current events, since we’re all basically stuck in our houses right now.

Either way, we’ll find out when It Was Good Until It Wasn’t hits DSPs 5/8 courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.