Kehlani’s Call To Get Her ‘Strictly R&B’ Album To No. 1 Sparks A Comment From Justin Bieber

Kehlani is fresh off the release of her latest album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, and she seems to think the album has a shot at topping the next Billboard 200 chart and making a bit of history in the process.

Earlier today, she shared a screenshot of a tweet on her Instagram Story, which reads, “If Kehlani goes #1, Her album will probably be the first female R&B album since ‘Lemonade’ to go #1 (need to fact check) & the first R&B #1 album of the decade. That would be such a Win for the Genre. She’s so close to getting it. Let’s do this for R&B !” She added, “need to fact check this, but if so, wow! stream and lets (possibly) make some history?!?!” She later shared the same tweet again and wrote, “since solange* RNB AINT DEAD. lets do this!”

She then took her call to action to an Instagram post, in which she shared her album art and wrote, “last day to stream to get the first strictly RNB first week #1 album in a long time. our genre isn’t dead, our genre deserves!” Justin Bieber has apparently been monitoring this situation, and he seems to believe his No. 1 album Changes, which is certainly indebted to R&B, has been excluded from the conversation: He wrote in the comments, “Changes was rnb ;).”


To Bieber’s credit, in addition to topping the Billboard 200 chart, Changes also went No. 1 on both the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and the Top R&B Albums chart. That was his first time topping either chart. His Changes singles “Yummy” and “Intentions” also both reached the peak of the Hot R&B Songs chart.

Regardless of whatever distinctions It Was Good Until It Wasn’t may or may not be up for, fans who want to help the record reach No. 1 can do so by checking out new merch and vinyl bundles Kehlani just dropped.

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