Kehlani And Russ Contemplate A Second Try At Love In Their ‘Take You Back’ Video

Kehlani‘s stellar year continues with a new video besides Russ. The Oakland singer impressed listeners, as she’s done for her entire career, with her phenomenal It Was Good Until It Wasn’t album. Its release has been supported by equally impressive and eye-catching videos for songs like “Toxic,” “F&MU,” and “Can I.”

Lending her vocals to fellow west coaster Russ, the two artists connect as two lovebirds attempting to make a broken relationship whole again for their “Take You Back” collaboration. Residing at edge of the old-style balconies to their respective homes, Russ begins the song by apologizing for his wrongs and forgiving Kehlani for her wrongs in their relationship before begging return so their relationship can continue.

“Young and in love, so we prone to mistakes /I ain’t gon’ front like I know what it takes,” he sings adding, “‘Cause I f*cked up, then you f*cked up / Now it’s f*cked up, goddamn.”

Now that he’s said what he needed to say, Kehlani steps in to discuss her own doubts about their relationship’s potential if they do decide to start it again. “Take you back, why should I take you back?” she questions while reminding him in the next line that it was, in fact, Russ who brought the relationship to an end. “You the one that f*cked this up, yeah / You the one that turned this out.”

However, Kehlani gives in to Russ’ requests as they reunite as one while the world crumbles and burns around them. Watch the “Take You Back” video above.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.