Kendrick Lamar Reached Out To Big Sean To Smooth Things Over After Hearing ‘Deep Reverence’

Big Sean released his highly-anticipated record Detroit 2 last week and on it, the rapper offered insight into his struggles with love, relationships, and mental health. The rapper also addresses his riff with Kendrick Lamar a few years back on the Nipsey Hussle collaboration “Deep Reverence.” In a recent interview, Sean said Kendrick reached out after hearing the verse and he hopes their reconciliation can serve as inspiration to fans.

Big Sean recently discussed his record in an interview on Sway In The Morning. Speaking to Sway, Sean said Nipsey’s death made him reflect on the importance of interpersonal relationships, saying “something shifted” in him and his understanding of respect.

“Something shifted in me. Something shifted in a lot of us because he was on an upswing of being a greater version of himself. He was tuning into his highest self. It hurt real bad to see my brother go like that. I remember being on a plane to go perform at a festival next to Punch and he was like, ‘Yo you should really reach out to Kendrick.’ I was like, ‘Nah, he knows it’s all good.’ […] Immediately I got his number and I actually did text him another time but I had the wrong number and I never went any further than that, I just left it there. So when I reached out to him, the mutual respect me and him have for each other is that of kings and brothers. We respect each other to the fullest.”

Sean went on to explain the whole situation was a matter of he-said-she-said confusion: “The situation was, he thought that people around him were telling him something, people around me were telling me something, and it just really wasn’t the case,” he said. “So, when we were able to talk, it was a good reconciliation and it was a good mutual respect. Even when he heard ‘Deep Reverence,’ he hit me and was like ‘Yo, I appreciate you showing that love. I appreciate that love in the verse. You and Nip went crazy. Y’all gassed on it.’ It was good to get that response from your brother. Because, on that record, I just was keeping it open and honest and real. I wasn’t trying to hold back. It was not out of disrespect, either. It was out of respect for myself and the things I’ve learned along the way.”

Listen to Big Sean discuss his relationship with Kendrick on Sway In The Morning above, around the 12-minute mark. Detroit 2 is out now via G.O.O.D. Music. Get it here.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.