Kevin Abstract Says He Regrets ‘Arizona Baby’ And Does Group Therapy With Shia LeBeouf And YesJulz

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On Monday, GQ published a special digital cover story with Kevin Abstract. The Brockhampton frontman sat down for a Q&A with buzzing, New York playwright Jeremy O. Harris. In their conversation, the pair talked about Abstract’s relationship to his queerness, negotiating fame, and Brockhampton’s tumultuous last year. Abstract opened up about his decision to slow down the group’s frenetic album production pace.

“My problem was, we lost a member from our group. Close, close, close childhood friend, traumatic experience. We put out a fourth album [2018’s Iridescence] after the stuff, which got us a lot of hype, [but] didn’t get the reaction we wanted, so it made us take a step back and made me realize maybe the group should take a break and just live life for six months,” Abstract explained.

This decision to press pause on the group was in part was spawned his recent solo record, Arizona Baby. And while the project was generally received well, the 22-year-old doesn’t see himself making another solo project any time soon. “I had already released a solo record, and maybe we could just give that to the label and that would count for a record,” he continued. “I did want to [put out a record], but also I was burnt-out. I should not have made an album. I think the thing that saved my record is, it was vulnerable and it’s honest and it’s pure. But I personally don’t want to make another album.”

The most interesting part of the interview came when Abstract revealed that he hosts a weekly “therapy” session at his house for other artist friends from around LA. “Every Friday at my house, we do this thing called Friday therapy,” Abstract explained. “I invite a bunch of artists from L.A., and we sit in my kitchen. It could be 40 people. One by one, we go in a circle and say what our week looked like. It’s taught me a lot.” Some attendees of these sessions include actor and Abstract’s longtime idol Shia LeBeouf as well as controversial social media influencer and hip-hop promoter Yes Julz. “I may have judged as soon as she walked in, but by the end of it I listened and I looked at her like a human being,” he said.

Abstract also mentioned that there is new Brockhampton music in the works and that fans can expect a happier sound. He compared the group’s new material to “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. “We want to make a summer album,” Abstract told Harris. “Feel-good. Not too sad and like, “Oh, our life sucks,” just more like, “Just enjoy what’s in front of you.”