Khalid Tells A Fan Asking Him To Make More Music Like ‘American Teen’ Why That’s Not Happening

It’s hard to ask for a better start to a music career than Khalid had. His debut album, 2017’s American Teen, peaked at No. 4 on the charts and made him an instant star. That’s thanks in part to a pair of top-20 singles, “Location” and “Young Dumb & Broke.” It’s been over four years since Khalid dropped that album, and naturally, as he has found his way into adulthood, his sound has undergone some changes. Now, for the fans who want more Khalid music like his American Teen era, he has something to say.

Yesterday, one fan tweeted at Khalid, “Gimme sum classic ‘American Teen’ music please.” His response was simple and probably the best way for that fan to scratch their American Teen itch: “just listen to American Teen,” Khalid replied. He added in a follow-up tweet, “I’m a whole 23 almost 24 years old, American Teen is not happening again.” He then offered a potential future album title, joking, “American Adult.”

Meanwhile, he also noted, “Next single comes out in 2 more weeks,” so keep an eye out for a new Khalid track on or around two Fridays from now, on October 22.

Khalid recently revealed that he’s had struggles with finishing his next album, Everything Is Changing, saying, “I only wanna be the artist I want to be, because creating is what keeps me from losing my my mind but my passion goes away a little more every day. I just want to finish this album and it’s really driving me crazy at this point.”