Kid Cudi’s ‘Frequency’ Video Is An R-Rated Wonderland

It’s a sort of R-rated Wonderland. That’s perhaps the best way to describe the world depicted in Kid Cudi‘s new music video for “Frequency.” The place is just a bit too sex-infused and drug-heavy for even Alice.

The vid opens on 32-year-old Cudi wandering through an archetypal foggy forest featured in pretty much every story book, casually dancing and puffing on a joint. As the moody melody picks up, the shirtless “Day ‘N Nite” artist is joined by a slew of nearly naked women, one tactfully bedazzled and the others donning loosely draped sheets, performing acrobatic stunts.

However, it doesn’t take long for the women to ditch their Cirque du Soleil routines in favor of curling up with Cudi or each other, in some cases. Yet, the moment Cudder mentions “couple girls, couple stories, and a couple ‘shrooms,” the forest becomes illuminated by massive neon — yup — mushrooms, with the girls now doused in vibrant colored paint and dancing once again.

“Frequency” initially came out back in March, but it wasn’t until late Wednesday night that this accompanying music video was released. Directed by Cudi himself, but opting to use his given name “Scott Mescudi” in the credits, this latest work reflects the rapper’s superior artistry and genuine talent.

The video comes at the heels of Cudi checking himself into rehab citing “depression and suicidal urges” and, as he further put it, “a ragin’ violent storm inside.” Prior to this announcement, it was revealed his album, Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’, with “Frequency” as the lead single, was delayed due to sample clearance issues. Despite all of this, Cudi has promised, “the album is still on the way.” While this is great news, ultimately all we want is for Cudi to be happy and healthy.