Kid Cudi Speaks On How Lil Wayne Helped Make His Eminem Collaboration A Reality On Young Money Radio

Kid Cudi has been pretty active this year, at least compared to others, and he continued his streak this past weekend, releasing his latest single, “The Adventures Of Moon Man And Slim Shady.” It’s his third of the year, following “The Leader Of The Delinquents,” a track that dates back nearly a decade, and his Travis Scott collaboration “The Scotts,” the lead single off their upcoming joint album. To honor the occasion, the rapper stopped by Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio show to discuss the song.

In their discussion, Cudi revealed how Lil Wayne helped make the collaboration a reality. Back in May, the former sent out a tweet requesting the help of the “rap god.” Since Eminem’s presence on social media is more or less nonexistent, it could be assumed at the time that the legend did not see Cudi’s call for help. When Eminem later joined Wayne on Young Money Radio, Wayne brought the tweet to his attention, setting off what would become their collaboraiton.

Wayne also pushed Cudi to send him a song for a collaboration saying, “I’m in the stu everyday so shoot me something.” When Cudi onliged, Wayne promised he would deliver on the song, boasting, “Just know, Eminem effect when I send it back.”

Soon after the track’s release, the song would make headlines as Cudi and Eminem both commented on the death of George Floyd while Eminem said “f*ck Drew Brees” on the track, in response to the Saints’ quarterback’s comments on kneeling for the national anthem last month.

Check out the video above to hear Cudi and Wayne’s conversation.