Kim Kardashian Apologizes To Her Family For Kanye West’s Treatment

Now that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially divorced, they’ve demonstrated divergent approaches to taking stock of their relationship. While Kanye has determined that he wants that old thing back (which somehow involves gaslighting her over her fashion choices), Kim apparently feels differently — and has pretty adamant about expressing it. But, of course, their relationship didn’t only affect them; over the course of the past few years, Kanye has dragged Kim’s family into their drama, including lashing out at them on social media during the contentious divorce process.

In Thursday’s (May 26) episode of the family’s new Hulu show The Kardashians, Kim addresses the effects that Kanye’s antics may have had on her sisters and mom. “I do recognize the impact that my relationship has had on my family,” she says in a clip provided by TMZ. “And I’ve never had the opportunity to just say: I’m sorry, guys.” Her apology appears to have been sparked by a recent song of Kanye’s, in which Kim says “he’s talking mad sh*t about me.” While the song isn’t specified in the clip, it was likely one of many songs from Kanye’s album Donda 2 speaking about their breakup.

Fortunately for Kim and co., the song itself probably didn’t get too much play; Kanye only made his album available via the $200 stem player, which means only those who purchased the device (or bootlegged the album) heard whatever she felt was so disparaging. Meanwhile, in a previous episode, she praised Kanye for allegedly retrieving the remainder of her sex tape with Ray J — something Ray J himself disputed.

You can watch the new episode of The Kardashians on Hulu.