Quando Rondo Insists His Crew Was Defending Themselves When King Von Was Shot

According to a new report from TMZ, the fight between the crews of King Von and Quando Rondo in Atlanta that led to Von’s shooting was prompted by Von’s crew and Rondo’s was acting in self-defense. A source told TMZ that Rondo was taking a nap in a car outside the lounge where the shooting took place, while video of the incident appears to show Von instigating the initial fistfight.

In the video, Von can be seen throwing punches at members of Rondo’s crew, while TMZ’s source says that Rondo was woken by the commotion and believed his life was in danger. Furthermore, police say that Von was shot during the initial shooting and was already injured by the time two off-duty officers nearby opened fire at the group in response to the first shots. A member of Rondo’s crew was arrested for felony murder, while the rapper himself is not currently under investigation. According to XXL, Timothy Leeks was arrested at the hospital being treated for injuries sustained during the shooting.

Rondo says he feels terrible about the situation, although neither crew has had contact with the other in the week since the incident. Von had just put out his second project of the year, Welcome To O-Block, a week before his death.