Kodak Black Responded To Accusations That He Was Attacked At His Latest Show

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Seemingly always at the center of controversy, this week, the rapper Kodak Black has found himself performing damage control yet again. The rapper’s recent antics have attracted the ire of many across the Hip-Hop community and beyond.

Last week, Kodak was caught on Instagram live making what many felt were inappropriate comments about the Lauren London, the girlfriend of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The comments drew a direct backlash from some prominent figures in rap. Singer-songwriter Tank and rappers T.I. and The Game all posted videos scolding the 21-year-old and advising to apologize for his comments. The drama didn’t stop there, however.

On Wednesday, a video from one of the rapper’s recent concerts emerged in which Kodak stage dives into the crowd. In the clip, the crowd appears to drop him. Following the show, uncorroborated reports surfaced claiming that, amidst the failed crowd surfing attempt scuffle, the rapper had been “stomped out” by an angry of Nipsey Hussle fans who felt his comments about Lauren London were disrespectful.

On Friday, Kodak took to Instagram Live once again to respond to those claims.

“You better off amputating both of your f**king legs you kick me, let alone stomp me. How you gon’ do that? Then what happened?” Kodak said on Instagram, appearing to disregarding the validity of the incident.

The 21-year-old rapper has been facing an ongoing sexual assault case from 2016, and recently caught backlash for homophobic remarks towards rapper Young MA just a few weeks ago.