Kodak Black Says He Wants The Coronavirus Epidemic To Last Until He Leaves Prison

With the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus forcing the cancelation or postponement of concerts, festivals, and tours throughout the music industry, recording artists will be some of the hardest hit by prevention strategies such as social distancing. That doesn’t seem to bother the incarcerated rapper Kodak Black, though. As he has done so often in the past, the Floridian rapper offered an opinion on a hot-button topic that doesn’t seem particularly enlightened.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, whoever currently runs Kodak’s account wrote: “Lol I ain’t missing out on nothing Right Na. U Rap N****z can’t make no money Right Na. This Corona sh*t need to last til I Get Out.” While the post almost certainly couldn’t have come from Kodak himself, it quickly became apparent that the quote itself did. Gossip blogger DJ Akademiks posted an audio clip purporting to be a recording of Kodak dictating the quote over the phone word-for-word.


Kodak’s view is obviously ill-informed and ignorant, but like many of his choice quotes, betrays a self-destructive streak which explains why the 22-year-old rapper just can’t seem to get out of his own way. Numerous experts predict that prison inmates are one of the groups at highest risk for contracting the virus due to their inability to isolate themselves. They’re also least likely to receive adequate medical care. Kodak had better hope that this “corona sh*t” doesn’t spread much further or he could be one of the unfortunate folks who’ve contracted it, which includes actors, NBA stars, and government officials — in other words, no one is “safe” from the effects of the virus.

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Kodak Black is a Warner Music artist. .