Kodak Black’s Lighthearted ‘Patty Cake’ Video Paints The Hood Prophet As Prom King

Kodak Black takes it back to high school in his “Patty Cake” video. The Floridian rapper seems to be back to business after dealing with lawsuits for most of his career. Earlier this year, Kodak was found guilty of violating his house arrest which granted him four months back in jail. He became a free man in early June and now is back with his second visual for this first studio album Painting Pictures which released in March of this year

Of course, Black has to be the cool guy in high school and this video is a perfect portrayal of that. The cartoon painted version of Kodak Black, dressed in all pink, hops out of his clean purple low rider and immediately steals all the honeys. Just like the bad kid in school who everyone likes, Kodak turns homeroom into party but then later ends up in detention — as expected. The video ends with a lit prom and young Kodak crowed as king.

The concept of visual is as fun as the song itself. The incorporation of sketches and word bubbles keeps the vibe lighthearted and comedic — just like high school. The use of the drawn art also connects with the album’s theme, Painting Pictures. Kodak Black, despite his charges and run ins with the law, has the potential to be successful hood prophet. He just has to stay out of jail long enough.