Korn’s Drummer Says He’s One Of The Only Rockers Who’s Never Touched Drugs

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10.09.17 4 Comments

Say what you will about drug use, but there’s no hiding from the fact that it has led to some less-than-desirable outcomes in the music world, everything from a raging headache to bands breaking up to people dying. That’s what has kept Korn drummer Ray Luzier away from any and all drugs, and now he says that he’s one of very few people in rock and roll who have managed to stay away from drugs completely.

In a video posted by the You Rock Foundation, which uses music to help people deal with depression, Luzier says that while attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood as a young drummer, he saw how drugs affected his classmates and decided quickly that he wanted no part of it:

“I went to Los Angeles to go to a music school, and right away when I went to the music school, I saw a lot of drugs and I saw a lot of pot and I saw a lot of people just there for the wrong reasons. And I’ve always been there for a hundred percent music; I wanted to better my craft, I wanted to get better at playing. So I decided, every time I’d go to a party and I’d see people partaking in these actions, in these activities, I decided not to do it, because I saw the repercussions — I saw the next day how hungover they’d be — and, to me, it wasn’t fun.

I was the geek that was going to the practice lab and practicing and getting better at my instrument. And I just made that decision at a very young age that… I saw what it did to people and I saw a lot of divorces from my friends, I saw a lot of bands break up, I saw a lot of bank accounts being drained — a lot of really bad things because of substance [abuse]. So I’m one of the few rock and rollers that’s a lifer — and I will be doing this till the day I die — that has never taken a drug. And only for that reason, I saw what it did to other people.”

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