Kyle And Lil Yachty Linked Up And Shrunk Down For Another ‘iSpy’ Video

I’m not sure if Weinerville had a beach. I think the technical limitations of their big head-lil’ body setup kept them from leaving the cityscape on that scarcely remembered and deeply weird kids’ show. If it did though, Lil Yachty and Kyle would be there providing the soundtrack. The pair released their second video for the undisputed Song of the Summer, retaining the beach vibes of the animated original and taking the opportunity to play up the playground feel of the song by superimposing their heads onto little kids’ bodies.

The new video underscores the goofiness of the original by showing Kyle and Yachty playing in the sand, riding in wagons and piloting a storm-besieged ship that does Lil Boat’s nickname and Scooby Doo reference justice. Kyle explained how he felt going into the video to The Fader.

This song is fun. The video needs to be twice as fun. Let’s come up with the scenario that is feel good,” he said. “It doesn’t get more feel good than being a baby surrounded by incredible looking women at the beach with no cares in the world.”

That ultra-positivity shines through just about every frame of the video, so check it out up top if you are in need of a boost.