Kyle Gives Saturday Morning Cartoons A Hip-Hop Twist In His ‘Sugar & Toys’ Trailer

While the modern era of on-demand television is likely a utopia for kids these days, those of us who grew up in a different time look back fondly on the era of Saturday morning cartoons as the pinnacle of entertainment. Waking up to a bowl of cereal and block of programming specifically designed to keep us stimulated while our parents slept in or we avoided yard work was one of the purest joys of childhood for a generation — a generation that includes artists like Ventura’s Kyle (aka SuperDuperKyle), who now has the means to relive that idyllic time with his new Fuse show, Sugar & Toys. Check out the trailer above.

The variety sketch show is infused with the Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network-inspired insanity that the 25-year-old rapper draws on for his music videos like “Playinwitme” and “iSpy” and albums like Light Of Mine, but shot through with a dose of inappropriate adult humor pulling from hip-hop. There’s a Lego version of Donald Glover’s Atlanta, a bit about a family running over the Tupac hologram on a road trip and taking it home, and a hilarious flip of ’80s fantasy cartoon The Littles, which reimagines the tiny people living in the walls as The Lil’s, which takes a crack at the hip-hop naming convention that resulted in Lils Baby Yachty, Xan, and Uzi Vert.

Sugar & Toys is produced by Carl Jones and Brian Ash (Black Dynamite, The Boondocks) and features Kyle in live-action interstitials introducing each clip as if he were an actual kid tuning in on his day off from school. The show debuts June 9 on Fuse.