Watch ‘Late Show’ Bandleader Jon Batiste Lead A Second Line Through Brooklyn

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert doesn’t premiere until September, so this summer will be spent getting the word out about the major change. One of the biggest new additions is bandleader Jon Batiste, who is originally from New Orleans. Though he’s resided in New York for a few years, this reintroduction is the perfect chance to share his home culture with the rest of the world. And what better way to do that than with a literal moving party known best as a second line?

If you aren’t familiar, a second line is a New Orleans custom that’s basically a parade for any damn reason… weddings, funerals, because you want to drink, anything. Hannibal Buress kind of nailed explaining it in his stand-up. Following this tradition, Batiste brought a little of the bayou to Brooklyn, as he led a second line through the streets of Williamsburg.



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Killing Us Softly

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And they weren’t just marching through the streets: Relix reports that they also went into a Mexican restaurant and a corner store. Honestly, that looks pretty great, but there are a few things worth mentioning from someone who’s been in more than a few second lines. First, there are not enough white handkerchiefs swinging around and far too few drinks in hands. Also, we’re just counting down the clock until Brooklynites claim they invented second lines and have the best brass bands in a year or so, now that they’ve seen one in person. Otherwise, Batiste is looking like he’s really making a big splash before The Late Show premieres in the fall.

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