Lead Singer Of Smash Mouth: Okay, Internet, I Will Eat A Bunch Of Eggs

Recently, like some others, I’ve noticed references to the 90s band Smash Mouth — perhaps best known for “Hey Now, You’re An All Star” — and eggs popping up occasionally in my Twitter feed. Naturally, I brushed those off as some sort of foolishness tied to an inside joke, and went about my business. But as it turns out, the references were part of one of the more hilarious viral campaigns in recent memory that’s slowly been building momentum.

The whole thing apparently started when one of the Something Awful guys noticed that the band’s Twitter feed was sort of sad and neglected, with barely any followers even though it was a verified account. He then offered cash in exchange for the consumption of two dozen eggs, because why not?

I will give the lead man from Smash Mouth $20 if he lets me film him eating 24 eggs. I want to go to San Jose and film him eating the eggs and put it on YouTube so we can all watch it.

Smash Mouth, the eggs are free. I will give you two dozen free eggs. Free of charge eggs, Steve Harwell. I just want to film it. I just want to watch you eat a bunch of eggs. Please.

He also took his pleas to Twitter...

Others on Twitter followed suit, and before you know it, a thing was happening, with some people even creating Youtube videos to implore the band to eat the eggs…

Finally, earlier this week, Smash Mouth accepted the challenge, but only if people donated $10,000 to the St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

As of this writing, $7,513.37 has been donated. I’m gonna kick in a few bucks, because if raising money to help sick children by getting rockers to eat eggs isn’t what the Internet’s all about, then I don’t know what is.