Lil Baby Forgot To Send Young Thug HIs Verse For ‘Bubbly’ From ‘Punk’

Lil Baby is beginning to develop a habit of not turning in his verses for people’s albums. Last year, he admitted that he was supposed to be featured on Drake’s viral dance hit “Toosie Slide” but didn’t send his verse, missing out on another momentous opportunity. Now, a year later, it looks like he still hasn’t learned his lesson. This time, he missed out on inclusion in Young THug’s new album Punk, where he was originally slated to appear on “Bubbly” — which, incidentally, also features Drake, as well as Travis Scott.

Lil Baby revealed as much in a video he posted on TikTok. In the video, Baby gets edged up by his barber while playing a snippet of the now-unused verse with a voiceover reading the caption: “When Young Thug send you a song for his album and you forget to send it back.”

For what it’s worth, he has been a bit busy of late. Not only is he finally touring for his breakout 2020 album My Turn, that tour also doubles as a showcase for songs from his summer 2021 joint album with Lil Durk, The Voice Of The Heroes. Not to mention, he’s already done countless other features this year, becoming one of hip-hop’s most ubiquitous acts. Still, though, he may want to start setting himself reminders or hire an assistant to remind him to send those verses off.