Lil Kim Makes A High-Fashion Return To Form In Her Fierce ‘Go Awff’ Video

Getty Image

Hip-hop has been undergoing a women’s renaissance of late, with more female rappers than ever emerging to dominate the playlists and social media feeds of today’s fans, so it’s only right that one of the original pioneers for women in hip-hop returns to retake her rightful place at the forefront of the genre. Lil Kim recently announced the release of her fifth studio album, 9, in just a month and a half, and today, she follows up with the ostentatious video for the album’s first single, “Go Awff,” which is available exclusively at Complex for the time being.

Directed by Damien Sandoval and choreographed by Kim’s longtime friend and collaborator Laurieann Gibson, the video for “Go Awff” features high fashion, stark black-and-white photography, and an intense dance sequence in front of a private jet. Kim is the center of attention throughout, but she gives plenty of shine to her dancers and female companions, tying back into the encouraging theme of the songs lyrics.

“I wanted to make a record that was empowering to girls and women all over the world to get back to my roots,” Kim said of the song. “When I first heard the beat it made me feel like going awff and I knew it was the perfect record for that. Whenever I see a girl killing it on the ‘gram or getting to that bag I say, ‘Oooh, Go Awff​​​​​​​, Sis!!’

9, Kim’s first album in 14 years, is set for release May 17.