Lil Nas X Doesn’t Think ‘Old Town Road’ Is His Best Music Video

“Old Town Road” was a massive cultural event. Aside from the song’s chart success, the “Official Movie” and “Official Video” versions of the clip have over a billion combined views on YouTube. If you ask Lil Nas X, though, that’s not his best video, or even his second best.

A fan Twitter account recently posed the question, “Now that we’ve had time to enjoy the ‘HOLIDAY’ video, In what order would you rank all of Lil Nas X’s Music Videos?” Nas himself replied in a now-deleted tweet, ranking his videos from first to last, “Holiday,” “Panini,” “Old Town Road,” and “Rodeo.

He also recently responded to a fan commenting on the success of “Holiday.” Nas tweeted, “i took a 8 month break, and still we hit 12m on youtube, top 20 on spotify. i’m thankful for that. now is my time to promote and build a bigger fanbase. i’m working as hard as ever. we got this guys. a year from now every song i drop will pop.” Somebody else chimed in, “dont skress it bro. mfs finna tune in for CMBYN! Holiday a bop regardless,” and Nas replied, “not stressed king. otr took months to take off, panini didn’t peak until 4 months later. yeah they will tune in to cmbyn but Holiday is the focus rn. we will make it work.”

Revisit the “Holiday” video here.