Lil Nas X Tells Haters He Will Follow His BET Awards Kiss By Having Sex On Stage

Lil Nas X has been a polarizing figure as of late, drawing a diverse set of reactions from both sides of every aisle with things like his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video or his “Satan shoes.” His latest controversial move was his BET Awards performance of “Montero,” which he ended by making out with one of his male dancers.

He’s already done some clapping back to critics of the performance, like one who accused him of misusing African culture. He replied to that, “y’all really like to pretend homosexuality didn’t exist in african culture.” Now that Nas has had some more time to marinate in the responses to the BET performance, though, he is charting his next steps. Although he’s more than likely joking, he has some plans that, if carried out, would be the most explicit performance in popular music history.

This afternoon, he tweeted, “since y’all still doing all this over a kiss imma just f*ck the n**** on stage next time.”

In less notable but still-interesting Lil Nas X Twitter news today, the rapper shared a trailer for his upcoming album Montero, which he says is “coming soon.” (Back in March, he said it would drop “this summer.”) The video serves as a rundown of his Montero album so far, featuring clips from his recent videos, so check that out below.