Lil Nas X Reveals His First Celebrity Crush And His Dream Collaborator

Lil Nas X has been on a spicy press run promoting his new single “Holiday” ahead of the, well, holidays, and answering plenty of revealing questions along the way. Last week, he stopped by Hot Ones to choke down fiery wings while telling host Sean Evans what John Mayer said to make him cry and this week, he popped up on The Ellen Show to answer “Burning Questions” about his celebrity crushes and dream collaborators.

Luckily for Nas, this time around, no hot sauce was involved, making “Burning Questions” more of a lightning round-style interrogation. Of course, plenty of the questions themselves were designed to make him just as uncomfortable as the Wings of Death, prompting him to cough out his answer to the “first celebrity crush” question. It turns out, young Nas was quite attracted to iconic R&B singer Usher, which… yeah, I understand.

Meanwhile, his dream collaborator is someone who shares the same goofy, internet-meme-bred sense of humor Nas has: Doja Cat. Besides having similar love for esoteric meme humor, they both love wild award show ensembles, and both have had to fend off controversies related to their pre-fame online activities — something that’s sure to become a lot more commonplace as our lives move more and more online. Both also blew up thanks to entertainingly off-kilter viral hits, so something tells me they’d have great working chemistry. Maybe this segment will help get the ball rolling.

Nas also reveals which boy band he’d join (BTS), his favorite Nicki Minaj song (“Miami”), and who would play his love interest in a movie about his life (himself). Watch Lil Nas X’s “Burning Questions” interview for The Ellen Show above.