Lil Nas X’s Hilarious Appearance On ‘Maury’ Is Filled With Baby Daddy Drama

Last week, in another awesome display of promotion and marketing, Lil Nas X announced that he would appear on Maury to sort out some relationship drama. As promised, that episode arrived on Wednesday and it’s filled with equal amounts of comedy and drama. The entire story began with Lil Nas’ “That’s What I Want” video, which he released along with his official debut album Montero. In it, he and his love interest, who is played by Yai Ariza (the singer’s real-life ex-boyfriend), quickly fall for each other, but Lil Nas later finds out that Ariza is hiding a wife and child.

That brings us to the Maury episode. “Montero and Yai are football teammates who quickly became lovers. Montero was shocked to discover soon after that Yai was married with a child,” the video’s description reads. “Now, Montero is here to tell Yai’s wife, Ashley, about their secret love affair. Maury will get the answers they need. Will Montero get exactly what he wants?”

Lil Nas previously spoke about his relationship with Ariza during a past interview on SiriusXM. “We were dating, and we are still on very good terms,” he said. “You know, we may date again I’m sure. I love him, he is amazing.”

You can watch the full episode in the video above.

Montero is out now via Columbia. Get it here.