Lil Nas X Extends His Record-Breaking Streak As ‘Old Town Road’ Is No. 1 For The 18th Week

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Last week, Lil Nas X achieved something that seemed improbable months ago: His single “Old Town Road” was the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 17 weeks, a figure that broke the all-time record for most weeks spent at No. 1. The goods news is that for Lil Nas X, any other successes the song has from here on out are just gravy, since it has already reached the ultimate goal. Well, here comes the gravy: On the chart dated August 10, “Old Town Road” will once again be the No. 1 song in the country for the 18th consecutive week.

When “Old Town Road” hit 17 weeks, Lil Nas X shared an emotional post about his accomplishment, and he reminisced about what it was like to find the beat and make the song, writing, “i remember clicking on so many generic sounding beats trying to find the right one for me. when suddenly i came across a country-trap sounding masterpiece. i immediately knew i would make something special out of it! my sister told me i had little time left before i had to leave her house after being there for months promoting my music online and not helping her out much. i was so upset! i used it as motivation for the song! i jokingly/seriously saw myself as a loner cowboy needing to run away from it all!”

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