Lil Nas X’s Latest TikTok Proves There’s No Bad Blood Between Him And Tony Hawk

There’s definitely no bad blood between Lil Nas X and skating pro Tony Hawk, in case you were concerned. The “Montero” rapper recently shared a few Instagram photos and a TikTok where the two are holding up Hawk’s Liquid Death Mountain Water board and taking turns riding it. “That’s how you skateboard,” Nas says at the end, with the joke clearly being that Hawk was the one doing the heavy lifting.

This comes a week after Lil Nas X called out the double-standards surrounding his infamous “Satan Shoes” compared to Hawk’s limited-edition “Liquid Death” skateboard, which is made with paint that contains Hawk’s actual blood. (As a reminder, the sneakers were also made with real human blood, and, in addition to a public outcry, the rapper actually ended up getting sued by Nike. Not so much with Hawk’s skateboard, however.)

“Now that tony hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage, are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? and maybe u were mad for some other reason?” the “Industry Baby” rapper tweeted last week.

Earlier in the day, Lil Nas X shared his Montero parody of Drake’s meme-fied Certified Lover Boy album art. It’s basically the exact same look, except all the female heads have been replaced with male ones. You know, rather like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior.

Never change, Lil Nas X.