Lil Peep’s ‘Hellboy’ Mixtape Is Finally Hitting Streaming Services On Its Fourth Anniversary

Since Lil Peep’s death in 2017, his friends and family have continued to share a bevy of remastered and unreleased material. His Crybaby mixtape was uploaded on streaming services for the first time this June. The emo rapper even had a documentary made about his life, titled Everybody’s Everything, which was released alongside a 19-track album. Now, Lil Peep’s estate have announced yet another remastered project from the rapper is being released soon.

Peep’s Hellboy mixtape was uploaded to SoundCloud nearly four years ago, and to celebrate its anniversary, the rapper’s estate has decided to make it more accessible to fans by putting it on streaming services. The mixtape boasts 16 tracks and features Peep’s friends and frequent collaborators like Lil Tracy, Xavier Wulf, and more.

Hellboy was recorded with producer Smokeasac, who recalled Peep’s inspiration behind the album: “I remember when we made Hellboy. He explained to me why he chose the name. He explained that it was because he knew that Hellboy came off as intimidating and scary to some, but it was because he was like a book that was only judged by its cover. Hellboy was actually a super hero who had a huge heart and that’s exactly what Peep was; a super hero with a humongous heart.”

Hellboy is out 9/25 via AUTNMY. Pre-order it here.