Lil Wayne Shouts Out Trump On His New Mixtape, ‘No Ceilings 3’

Long before Donald Trump’s disastrous administration, rappers loved to name check the showman for his perceived status as a symbol of success. Since his true character was revealed by nonstop media coverage and his incorrigible Twitter usage, far fewer rappers are as willing to associate with him or rap about him in a positive light. There are exceptions, though; namely, rappers like Lil Pump and Lil Wayne, who appeared with the incumbent on his since-thwarted re-election campaign. And although he’s long since been defeated — even if he won’t admit it — his rap stooges seem more than happy to follow through on their support musically.

On Friday, Lil Wayne released his No Ceilings 3 mixtape, receiving praise for the song “BB King Freestyle,” on which he reunites with longtime collaborator Drake for a trademark lyrical exhibition. However, on another track, “Life Is Good,” he flexes his association with the defeated incumbent — albeit, about two weeks too late — praising him for his tax plan. “I smoke it, she say pass it, she doing too much,” he rhymes. “Haven’t done my taxes, f*cking with Trump.”

According to a cadre of rappers who claim they were also recruited by the Trump campaign including 50 Cent, the campaign reportedly offered rappers cash in exchange for their shout-outs in order to reach out to a demographic former President Obama said is as fascinated by bling as Trump himself is. Unfortunately, Lil Pump’s “Big MAGA Steppin” received more ridicule than acclaim, and Wayne’s girlfriend was even rumored to have broken up with him over his untimely photo op. The rappers may have cashed out in the short term but it looks like the tax man cometh after Trump’s pandering effort clearly failed.