Lil Wayne Calls Out The Grammys And Wonders If He’s ‘Worthy’ After Not Being Invited To The 2021 Show

For one reason or another, it seems the Recording Academy is always facing some sort of criticism, especially over the past few Grammy years. The motivating factor behind the hate for the 2021 ceremony was the snubs in the nominations, most notably those of The Weeknd. Artists have spoken out against the Academy and the awards this year, and now so too has Lil Wayne, who revealed that he wasn’t invited to the 2021 ceremony.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, he openly wondered why he wasn’t invited to this year’s ceremony and why he didn’t receive any nominations (although art director Kyle Goen’s work on Wayne’s album Funeral is up for Best Recording Package), writing, “As an artist, when I see da Grammys coming up & I’m not involved nor invited; I wonder. Is it me , my musik, or just another technicality? I look around w respect & wonder competitively am I not worthy?! Then I look around & see 5 Grammys looking bak at me & I go to the studio.”

The flow of criticism directed at the Grammys has been fairly consistent since the 2021 nominees were announced a month ago. Most recently, Fiona Apple expressed her dismay at Dr. Luke earning nominations this year and suggested she might smash a Grammy on stage if she wins one.