Lizzo Clears The Air On Her Controversial Lakers Game Twerking Attire: ‘It Wasn’t Flesh To Seat’

Lizzo became a trending yet again this week after her controversial attire at a recent Lakers game helped spark a viral moment and subsequent backlash. The singer was caught on the Staples Center Jumbotron mid-twerk as she danced with the Lakers Girls to her song “Juice” and her outfit, which consisted of a t-shirt dress with a cutout around her derriere that revealed her thong underwear, became the subject of debate as many censured the star for attire they considered to be inappropriate. While she addressed the controversy on her Instagram already, today she took advantage of a pre-planned appearance on CBS This Morning to clear up one misconception about her outfit.

“I had on layers down there,” she explained. “So it wasn’t just flesh to seat, contrary to popular belief. But yeah, it was out. It be out.” As anyone who has actually paid attention to her performances or her social media can attest, this is a pretty accurate statement. In fact, Lizzo appears on the cover of her breakout album, Cuz I Love You, completely nude, so it’s not like there’s anything there no one has ever seen before. Not only have we all seen butts before, but we’ve also all seen Lizzo’s butt specifically.

There’s a reason for that, of course. “Do you know how long it took me to fall in love with this body?” she riffed. “My butt was my least favorite thing about myself and I learned to love it and now it’s the thing everybody can’t stop talking about.” She gave a last word on the Twitter backlash as well: “Be you, do you. Don’t ever let anyone steal your joy — especially not the internet.” Lizzo was also invited to dance with the Houston Rockets’ dancers on Twitter, so it look like she got the last laugh after all.

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